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    Well Go USA Defective Disc Replacement Program

    Last month, there was a recent discovery that a number of Blu-ray titles from Well Go USA have become defective, due to an error during the pressing of the actual discs. The defect consists of a bronze-like discoloration which forms on the play-side over time, and can potentially affect playback. Today, Well Go USA contacted regarding their “Defective Disc Replacement Program,” which has officially launched today for both their U.S. and Canadian customers. Read on for a revised list of potentially affected Blu-ray titles and instructions on how to replace your defective discs:
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    Defective Disc Replacement Program

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    Well Go USA And Gregory Chou Launch Caspian Media Capital To Fund Indie Pix

    EXCLUSIVE: Well Go USA has partnered with film finance executive Gregory Chou to launch Caspian Media Capital, a new film fund that will finance and produce two to four indie films per year with budgets up to $20M. The venture will also seek out co-financing opportunities with studio partners for certain projects. The new partners hope to exploit a niche in the marketplace as studios continue to generate polarizing slates of low-cost genre and big-ticket tentpoles. There is a mid-range of films in between and makers of those films will find funding from Caspian Media Capital. Well Go USA is putting up the funds for the new venture.

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    Well Go USA President Doris Pfardrescher named among Home Media Magazine's "Women In Home Entertainment 2012"

    (article excerpt)

    by HM Editorial Staff

    • DORIS PFARDRESCHER, President and Head of acquisitions, Well Go USA Inc.
    Since joining the company in 1994, Pfardrescher has used her expertise for international film to make Well Go known as the top importer of Asian film to North America. Popular titles include the “Ip Man” franchise, Legend of the Fist, The Man From Nowhereand War of the Arrows. With a spirit of partnership among studios, directors, producers and distributors, Pfardrescher has a reputation of being a valued resource in North American theatrical and home media.

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    November 8, 2012

    by Jenny Sherman


    Plano, Tx film distributor Well Go USA is having their best year ever. Wait, there's a film distributor in Plano? Yes, and a highly respected one at that.

    Well Go USA is primarily known for their US distribution of Asian films such as "My Way", "IP Man", "Shaolin", and "Karate-Robo Zaborgar", but they are currently expanding their market to include films from all over the world including "The Courier" starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Mickey Rourke.

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    Well Go USA has also been one of the sponsors of the Asian Film Festival of Dallas, which is one of the top Asian Film Festivals in the entire country. The festival is held in every year in July at the Magnolia Theater in Uptown Dallas.

    This year, however, Well Go USA has acquired the distribution rights to several key films that will only increase their visibility in the market.

    For example, Well Go has recently released "The Thieves" in the US, the highest grossing Korean film to date. Originally released in Korea in July, "The Thieves" broke box office records for first day ticket sales, and has already grossed $82 million dollars in Korea alone. They also snatched up the rights to "Tai Chi Zero" which has been their biggest US theatrical release to date at over 30 theaters. "Doomsday Book" will be getting a home media release on December 11 and has become a festival favorite, winning the prestigious Cheval Noir at Fantasia Fest, one of the biggest genre festivals in the world. "Let the Bullets Fly" broke Chinese box office records earlier this year, and remains #4 on the list of highest box office grossing films of all time in China.

    And that's another one of the beauties of Well Go. Their relationship with Asian distributors has been cultivated for twenty years, and because of this, foreign films can be released in America only a few short months after their release date overseas. Fans of Asian cinema had to wait years in the past for their favorite titles to get a proper US release. With Well Go, Asian film gets to fans at a much more rapid pace.

    The meticulously maintained relationship between Asian distributors and Well Go USA can be attributed to the dedication by Well Go's President and head of acquisitions Doris Pfardrescher. Doris joined the Well Go family in 1994 and her perseverance and dedication to the industry has paid off immensely; the fruits of her labor is enjoyed by audiences across the country. She has done the legwork and created a presence among Asian distributors that is unprecedented. Many US distributors seek out well performing Asian film, but thanks to Doris, Well Go is "nearly alone in this pursuit."

    Doris's love for cinema has taken Well Go from Asian film to film from around the world. In 2012, the company has doubled the number of titles from the previous year, and are expanding their warehouse room to store many more titles to come.

    Doris was also recently nominated by her peers for Home Media Magazine's annual Women In Entertainment special, a high honor in her industry.

    The pride that Well Go USA takes in its library is admirable as well. They have even earned the phrase "The Well Go Treatment" from film critics, due to the extra content in their DVD and blu-ray releases, the care in their cover art, and the treatment of their fans.

    The Well Go USA family IS still family. Started by Annie Walker - still the CEO - and her son Dennis and daughter Doris started the company twenty years ago, and while the company continues to grow, the family mindset still remains.

    Fans of Asian cinema are grateful to Well Go - and to Doris - for their years of dedication and service to make sure that US fans have access to current content. Congratulations on your well deserved Home Media Magazine nomination, Doris. North Texas thanks you.

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