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The Thieves
The Thieves


It's the score of their lives - if they can pull it off. Five thieves at the top of their game, and the crew is assembling for their biggest job yet.Popie's the muscle and brains, Pepsee's the safecracker. Yenicall climbs walls, Zampano is the strategy man, and Chewingum is the master of disguise. But this new score - it's hot. Maybe too hot. But who can resist the Tear of The Sun: a 318-carat diamond, worth 20 million dollars, and locked away in a casino. The vault is impenetrable, the location covered in cops, and everyone knows there's no honor among thieves -especially not the crew Macao Park, Popie's old partner, has forced their team to work with. As they gear up and stroll into the casino with a plan, skills, and a whole lot of nerve, they quickly learn that avoiding the cops may not be their toughest problem. What's Macao Park's real motive? Who will betray them all? And who will walk away with the diamond? 

From Dong-hoo Choi, director of WOOCHI, THE BIG SWINDLE, AND TAZZA: THE HIGH ROLLERS, THE THIEVES is making Korean box office history. With a half-million tickets sold on the first day and over 10 million tickets sold in the first three weeks, THE THIEVES had the best opening day ever, and remains the highest-grossing movie in Korea to date.

Choi Dong-Hoon
Ahn Soo-Hyun
Kim Yun-Seok, Kim Hye-Soo, Lee Jung-Jae, Gianna Jun, Simon Yam
Action & Adventure, Foreign
Run Time:
136 min.
DVD Release Date:
Feb 12, 2013
Original Language:
Korean, English
Making of, Meet The Thieves, Trailer
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The Thieves DVD



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