Ren (Karen Mok, SHAOLIN SOCCER) sees dead people, and it’s driving her mad. She’s also demonstrating psychic abilities, but psychiatrist Xu Ruining (Zheng Xu, LOST IN THAILAND) thinks it’s a hoax, and his radical new therapy could uncover the truth – through experimental hypnosis. 

Exploring the mind can be dangerous. If Ren’s hiding a secret, neither of them is safe. But if her powers are real, the truth might even be deadly. 

From the award-winning director of ETERNAL SUMMER and THE HEIRLOOM comes an expedition through the uncharted corners of the human psyche – with an alarming twist.  



  • Leste Chen


Xu Zheng
Karen Mok
Jing Hu
Wang Yaoqing

Release Date
Run Time
102 mins
Subtitle Language
  • English
Not Rated