In this driving, non-stop action thriller, the chief security officer at a top-secret medical facility finds himself caught in an explosive battle when a young thief and his accomplices steal a groundbreaking curative medicine. After discovering the true origins of the mixture, the officer must decide whom he can trust to protect the cure from falling into the wrong hands and prevent an all-out war from bringing the city to its knees. 

Famous for his dedication to realism and his use of practical effects, Ringo Lam is known as one of the most acclaimed action directors of all time. Now, teaming up with emerging superstar Daniel Wu (AMC’s Into the Badlands), Lam’s latest opus, Sky on Fire, promises to take the filmmaker’s craft to a whole new level, with operatic gunfights and a twisting plot that will be immediately familiar and immensely satisfying to any fan of Hong Kong action cinema.


  • Ringo Lam


Daniel Wu
Joseph Chang
Zhang Jingchu
Amber Kuo
Zhang Ruoyun


Release Date
Run Time
110 mins
Subtitle Language
  • English
Not Rated