The Sparring Partner

Based on actual events: in 2013, Henry Cheung collaborated with a friend to murder and dismember his parents. While the case may have looked simple on the surface, the truth proved to be increasingly difficult to untangle. As the defendants take on the distinct personas of the scheming genius and the naive, simple-minded victim of circumstances in court, the nine jury members must wrestle with their own conceptions of right and wrong as two men’s lives lay in the balance.

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Project Wolf Hunting

During transport from the Philippines to South Korea, a group of dangerous criminals unites to stage a coordinated escape attempt. As the jailbreak escalates into a bloody, all-out riot, the fugitives and their allies from the outside exact a brutal terror campaign against the special agents onboard the ship.

Emergency Declaration

While investigating a terroristic threat that goes viral online, Korean authorities discover that a suspect has recently boarded an international flight bound for the United States. When a healthy passenger on the same flight suddenly dies a gruesome death of unknown cause, panic erupts both in-flight and on the ground. With steadily decreasing fuel and international refusals to offer aid, the captain and crew will be forced to take unprecedented emergency measures in an attempt to save the lives of their passengers.