China's dilemma begins in the 20th century. Recent political reforms have rendered the country more divided, famished, and warring. After 250 years of uncontested authority, the Qing Dynasty, commanded by a seven-year-old emperor and his tyrannical mother, Empress Dowager Longyu (Joan Chen), is out of touch. So the Qing Empire developed the "New Army" to quell public uprisings. Yet armaments are expensive, and the Qing officials are starving for cash, so they're trading whatever they can obtain with foreign countries—and selling China's future.
Huang Xing (Jackie Chan) studied contemporary warfare in Japan and returned. He leads a desperate series of violent rebellions against the strong Qing Empire and the New Army, some of which end tragically. 1911 is an absolute epic, from the Forbidden City to the Chinese battlefields, with no cost spared in production or historical authenticity.


  • Jackie Chan & Zhang Li


Jackie Chan
Li Bingbing
Winston Chao
Joan Chen
Chun Sun
Wu Jiang
Jaycee Chan

Release Date
Run Time
90 mins
Dubbed Language
  • English
Subtitle Language
  • English