After graduating from college, the wide-eyed and perpetually anxious David suffers through a tedious Manhattan office job until the Great Recession hits and his company downsizes.
Rather than wallow in his unemployment, David realizes his lifelong dream of becoming a pot dealer, gleefully reasoning that "drug dealers just rule, like cowboys or astronauts!" However, his enthusiasm is complicated because he has just met and fallen in love with Kate, a college student who moves in with him for the summer and is sure that selling drugs is a horrible idea. 
Propelled by the fear of telling his parents that he lost his job, operating with an overachiever's work ethic, and armed only with his bike, David sets out to reinvent himself as a pot dealer. 



  • Rory Rooney


Alexandra Daddario
Josh Brener
Lindsey Broad
Paul Iacono
Tyrone Marshall Brown

Release Date
Run Time
86 min
Subtitle Language
  • English
Not Rated