Multiple Award-Winning Director Benny Chan (BIG BULLET, CONNECTED, THE WHITE STORM) directs a star-studded lineup of action stars in CALL OF HEROES, starring Louis Koo (DRUG WAR), Eddie Peng (COLD WAR 2), and Wu Jing (SHAOLIN), with Sammo Hung as Action Director. 
Koo stars as the spoiled son of a powerful General who has grown into a vicious and depraved Warlord. Accused of a triple murder, his father will destroy the town if his son is convicted and sentenced to death. But injustice cannot go unanswered, and the villagers prepare for the repercussions of punishing a guilty man. 



  • Benny Chan


Eddie Peng
Sean Lau
Louis Koo
Wu Jing
Yuan Quan
Jiang Shu Ying
Philip Keung

Release Date
Run Time
120 min
Subtitle Language
  • English
  • Chinese
Not Rated