Willie (Thomas Haden Church) is a goodhearted man living rough on the dangerous streets of Los Angeles’ Skid Row and finds himself coerced by two rich teenagers into fighting other homeless men for cash. Stuck in a violent world he doesn’t fully understand, Willie finds solace when he discovers the discarded diary of a troubled young girl and befriends a homeless veteran, Pinky (Boyd Holbrook). A cab driver named Pope (Terrence Howard) lends Willie a blanket, looks after his friends on the street, and is protective of this little world normally condemned to invisibility.

Academy Award nominees Thomas Haden Church and Terrence Howard join GONE GIRL actor Boyd Holbrook in Knate Lee’s (BAD GRANDPA, JACKASS 3D) directorial debut, a powerful tale of loss, redemption, and friendship.



  • Knate Lee


Thomas Haden Church
Terrence Howard
Boyd Holbrook
David Henrie
Macy Gray

Release Date
Run Time
89 min
Subtitle Language
  • English
Not Rated