Hyeong-do (SO Ji-sub) goes to the office every day, but isn't thrilled with the cubicles, the politics, his co-workers, or the management. His job is murder.

Literally.  At this company, death is all in a day's work.  Hyeong-do is a corporate assassin, working for a company specializing in contract killings. He's one of the best, and a loyal employee.  But when his new trainee gets killed on the job, he feels an obligation to care for the kid's family - and taking his eye off the ball is not how a guy gets promoted.  Now, Hyeong-do wants out of the cutthroat rat race to start a new life, but his colleagues have different plans - and "retirement" may come at a far bloodier price than expected.


  • Lim Sang-Yun


Ji-Seob So
Mi-Yeon Lee
Do Won Kwak
Dong-Jun Kim

Release Date
Run Time
96 min
Subtitle Language
  • English
Not Rated