After an opponent dies mid-match, a prominent MMA champion swore never to fight again, instead retiring to run his family’s international business. However, when his best friend dies under suspicious circumstances during another tournament, he has no choice but to step back in the ring to help uncover the truth.


  • Guo Qing



Guo Qing (Run)

Steve Yoo (Seung-Jun Yoo): (CZ12, Dragon Blade, Little Big Soldier, The Patriot Yue Fei)

Liu Mengke 

Collin Chou: (Marco Polo, The Matrix II, III)

Wang Wei: (The Last Tycoon, Monster Hunt, Scheme With Me, Dragon Blade)

Guest starring: Xiaoming Huang  (The Thousand Faces of Dunjia, Ip Man 2, The Crossing, League of Gods) &  Zhao Wei

Also featuring: retired professional bodybuilder Kai Greene (Stranger Things)

Release Date
Run Time
97 minutes
Dubbed Language
  • English
Subtitle Language
  • English