After the shocking kidnapping of a little girl in Thailand, a mercenary with a murky past as a government black ops agent (Hwang) is forced to re-emerge from the shadows when he learns the incident is closely connected to him. With the help of ex-pat Yui (Park), he flies to Thailand and begins tracking the girl’s whereabouts, moving ever closer to the notorious child trafficking ring responsible for her abduction.
However, when an infamous gangster nicknamed The Butcher (Lee) learns just who has entered the country and is finally within his grasp, he goes on a bloody rampage to thwart the ex-agents rescue mission as retaliation for a killing that even he will never be able to forget—or forgive.


  • Hong Won-chan


Hwang Jung-min
Lee Jung-jae
Park Jeong-min
Park So-yi
Park Myung-hoon
Choi Moon

Release Date
Run Time
109 min
Subtitle Language
  • English
Not Rated