During the mid-13th century, Batu Khan’s ruthless horde of Mongols is slowly taking over Russia, burning down cities and flooding Russian soil with blood. Only one Ryazan swordsman, Evoaty Kolovrat, dares to stand in their way. With the help of a few brave souls, Kolovrat leads the charge against the Mongols to avenge his people and his homeland. It is by the sword Russia rose, and by the blade, it can be saved in this violent historical epic from director Ivan Shurkhovetskiy.


  • Dzhanik Fayziev


Ilya Malakov
Aleksandr Ilin Jr. 
Yuliya Khlynina 
Aleksey Serebryakov
Timofey Tribuntsev
Polina Chernyshova
Aleksandr Tsoy
Igor Savochkin