Behind every great martial arts fighter lies a teacher. This was undoubtedly true for Bruce Lee, who claimed as his mentor the martial arts expert Ip Man. A master genius of the Wing Chun style of kung fu, Ip Man grew up in China, nearly ripped to pieces by racial hatred, nationalistic strife, and warfare. Nevertheless, he rose to prominence like a phoenix courtesy of his victorious matches against other Wushu masters and kung fu warriors. His growing legendary status ultimately led to training the greatest martial arts master in the world, Bruce Lee. 

Winner of countless awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor, Ip Man starring Donnie Yen, is ranked as one of the top martial arts action films ever. 


  • Wilson Yip


Donnie Yen
Simon Yam
Cheung Wing-sing
Hiroyuki Ikeuchi
Louis Fan
Lam Ka-tung
Xiong Dai Lin