Young New Yorkers Grace (Scout Taylor Compton) and Jack (Gerard Nolan Funk) arrived at a picturesque plantation after a disastrous weekend that revealed unexpected cracks in their relationship. And from the moment they enter the house, nothing is what it seems. Their host is nowhere to be found, and a series of strange events raise Jack's suspicions. Yet Grace, drawn here in the hopes of finding the family she never knew, insists they stay — until a disturbing vision finally convinces her to leave.

But the couple suddenly finds themselves trapped, the plantation now surrounded by men in pagan masks and robes. Initially thinking this is just some good old boys having fun at their expense, Grace and Jack soon experience the true terror this "serpent cult" is capable of when a mysterious local, Wayne (Jeff Fahey), unexpectedly arrives in search of his brother. It becomes increasingly clear that the cult wants one thing: Grace. As the terror unfolds, Grace and Jack discover they are unwilling participants in an apocalyptic ritual and must find a way to stop a ceremony that will unleash hell on Earth.


  • Rich Ragsdale


Scout Taylor-Compton
Nolan Gerard Funk
Deborah Kara Unger
Jeff Fahey

Release Date
Run Time
91 min
Subtitle Language
  • English