Desperate times call for desperate crimes in this new thriller-mystery from director Richard Gray. Starring Justin Long, Jerry O'Connell, Gina Gershon, Luis Guzman, John Corbett.

Drug lord William Spinks has a curious obsession with Sadie Hill, and uses family friends Bobby and Frank (John Corbett and Steven Bauer) to get to her. But when Sadie’s death jeopardizes a major deal, Bobby and Frank set out to find a replacement – a lookalike – to fool Spinks. This dubious plan propels an ex-basketball champion (Jerry O’Connell), a deaf beauty (Scottie Thompson), an addict (Justin Long), and an aspiring actress (Gillian Jacobs) into an unlikely romance and a desperate quest to start over.


  • Richard Gray


Justin Long

Jerry O’Connell

Gillian Jacobs

Scottie Thompson

John Corbett