When a tunnel collapses on ordinary family man Jung-soo (Ha Jung-woo, THE HANDMAIDEN), his cell phone becomes his only link to the outside world. In the face of media frenzy and government officials jumping on a chance for good publicity, an emergency response team mobilizes to rescue Jung-soo with the nation’s support. But as days go by and nerves stretch thin, Jung-soo must struggle for his life in the suffocating debris alone.
Acclaimed director Kim Seong-hun (A HARD DAY) weaves another intricate thriller in this story of unthinkable disaster and one man’s fight for survival in claustrophobic darkness.



  • Kim Seong-hun


Ha Jung-woo
Doona Bae
Oh Dal-su
Shin Jeong-geun

Release Date
Run Time
127 minutes
Subtitle Language
  • English
  • Korean
Not Rated