Nam-yi draws his red bow at his enemy’s camp in order to save his only family and, Jiusinta, Qing’s commander, must stop him. Caught in a whirl of fate, the two men face each other in a combat of lifetime.
1623, the 15th year of King Gwanghaegun’s reign, King’s loyal servant and legendary archer, General Choi Pyong-ryang, is framed for treason and gets executed. His entire household meets the same tragic fate but his young son and daughter, Nam-yi and Ja-in, escape and flee to the safety of their father’s longtime friend, Kim Mu-seon’s home. The brother and sister take refuge under Kim’s wing and are raised as his own. 13 years pass and Qing China carries out a brutal invasion against Joseon, in what will later be known as “second Manchu invasion of Korea.” On the wedding day of Ja-in and Kim Mu-seon’s son, Seo-gun, Qing troops led by Commander Jiusinta attack the village and take the villagers as prisoners. Ja-in is among the hostage. When Nam-yi returns home later after getting injured in a battle, he finds his guardian murdered and his sister taken away by the Qing men. Nam-yi chases after the troop in a desperate attempt to save his sister. Nam manages to track down Ja-in but must face a battle with Jiusinta’s best men in order to escape.


  • Kim Han-min


Park Hae-il
Ryu Seung-ryong
Moon Chae-won
Kim Mu-yeol

Release Date
Run Time
123 min
Dubbed Language
  • English
Subtitle Language
  • English
  • Korean