When the killer Zhang Ning (Xia Yu) sneaks back to China after shooting a target execution-style in Hong Kong, Detective Leopard (Duan Yihong) is summoned from Hunan to his hometown Mobei to crack the case. Reunited with his formidable former teammates Mastiff, Yak, and Shepherd (Wu Jing), he sets out on a trek in the Gobi Desert to apprehend Zhang and his pregnant girlfriend Sun Jing (Charlie Young).

Meanwhile, two fierce and cold-blooded bounty hunters, Mai Gao (Francis Ng) and A Nuo (Yu Nan), are also in hot pursuit of Zhang. It turns out Zhang had taken a snapshot of the mastermind on his phone before he carried out his lethal assignment, and the latter has hired the duo to destroy the evidence at all costs.

No sooner have the cops arrested Zhang and Sun than the heavily armed bounty hunters overpower them in a sneak attack. The bloodthirsty duo captures Zhang while Sun remains in the cops’ hands. Unrelenting despite his torture, Zhang agrees to turn over the picture only in exchange for the rescue of Sun from the cops. A horrible war inevitably erupts between the cops and the bounty hunters, with Zhang and Sun trapped in between. After a flurry of gunfights, martial arts combats, car chases, equestrian acrobatics, and pyrotechnic extravaganza, many a life will be lost, and much honor and glory won in this grimly exciting Chinese Western that should not be missed.


  • Qunshu Gao


Yihong Duan
Zhang Li
Francis Ng
Ni Dahong
Jacky Wu
Yu Nan
Yu Xia
Charlie Young

Release Date
Run Time
118 mins
Subtitle Language
  • English
Not Rated