September 20, 2019
Texas Monthly 

The below is an excerpt from the Texas Monthly feature article "How A Former Karaoke Video Outpost in Plano Became a Hollywood Mainstay"

Well Go USA has become one of the leading distributors of Asian action films in the U.S.

By Nathan Mattise 

A father (Emilie Hirsch) puts his hand on the shoulder of his disgruntled young daughter (played by Lexi Kolker) in an official still image from FREAKS from Well Go USA


The corporate office of Well Go USA doesn’t look much different from the many HQ outposts in present-day Plano, where giants from Pizza Hut to Hewlett Packard boast corporate homes. The city’s proximity to a major airport and abundance of affordable space have made it something of a business destination (Plano’s Economic Development Office reported nearly one million square feet of new corporate offices in 2018 alone). While Well Go USA didn’t start as anything resembling Pizza Hut or Bank of America, this family business has quietly grown into a Hollywood stalwart over the past thirty years. Today, their own beige building hosts films that have competed for some of the most prestigious awards in film, in Cannes and California alike.

CEO Doris Pfardrescher and CFO/COO Dennis Walker represent the second generation to run the film distributor started by their mother, Annie Walker, back in 1989 after the family moved to North Texas from Taiwan. Back then, Annie Walker arrived in Texas for a regional manager opportunity with Fendi Timepieces in Dallas. She quickly tired of corporate life, and wanted to work for herself instead. Many of Walker’s relatives in Taiwan had worked in film—Doris and Dennis’ grandfather was a cinematographer, their uncle an actor, and their cousin a manager. But Annie Walker just set out to do something different, Dennis Walker recalls.

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